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Kinetic Re-Epithelialization Analysis Pipeline

Download VirtualBox

Download Oracle VirtualBox for windows.

Install VirtualBox

Click “Next” on the first windows: virtualbox setup 1

The defaults on the next page are fine most of the time but can be changed if necessary.
Click “Next” again:
virtualbox setup 2

Select the features you want to enable and click “Next”:
virtualbox setup 3

During the installation your internet connection will be disconnected briefly, make sure you don’t have any running downloads and click “Yes”: virtualbox setup 4

Click “Install”:
virtualbox setup 5

During installation, you will be prompted to install additional drivers, click “Install” to continue: virtualbox setup 6

Click on “Finish” and restart Windows to complete the installation process:
virtualbox setup 7


Once you’ve installed Virtual Box, continue to the guide on how to setup the KREAP VM.